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This Games and Activities Kit is here to help you write lesson plans according to the skills and knowledge you would like your learners to practise. Once you have a clear learning objective for a lesson in mind, pick and choose the activities which you feel might enable your learners to meet this objective. There are 10 categories for you to choose from, depending on what you need your learners to learn and practise in class. Please, don’t hesitate to adapt ideas and content to your own context. One way to use these activity sheets would be to print them and keep them in a folder, sorted by categories, to make the kit more user-friendly.
We would love to hear about the activities you find most useful and welcome your own ideas for activities and games. We are currently working on adding more categories (psychomotor-based activities and ideas for bigger projects).
Have fun preparing your lessons!

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Resource Name Doc Type Link
Reviewing knowledge PDF More Info
Using new knowledge PDF More Info
Using new key words PDF More Info
Memorising knowledge PDF More Info
Introducing new knowledge or recalling knowledge PDF More Info
Thinking and expressing ideas PDF More Info
Debates and discussions PDF More Info
Empathy and perspective-taking PDF More Info
Just for fun PDF More Info
Focus PDF More Info